ChairpersonAkira Teraoka, M.D., Ph.D.
Akira Teraoka, M.D., Ph.D.

The goal of medicine

As in the saying 'advancing daily, striding monthly', medical science is constantly progressing. Providing the people with this progress in the form of reliable and safe medical care is the mission of medical institutions.

The form that the provision of medical care takes includes: out-patient care, in-hospital care, and home-visits et cetera; and according to the mode of treatment there are internal medicine, external medicine, hemo/peritoneal dialysis, rehabilitation and so forth. The stage of an illness pass through acute, sub acute, recovery and to in some, especially elderly cases, chronic periods. An each stage of this course requires the provision of an appropriate corresponding measures and a recuperative environment. In order for its citizens to be able to conduct their lives with vitality and good health, the nation is at work pushing forward the frontiers of health. In response to these, preventive medical services such as health checks, physical checkups and baring checkups must also be provided.

It is important that these various kings of medical treatment are provided as a seamless and unified whole; so from intensive care and treatment for chronic illnesses through to rehabilitation, Teraoka Memorial Hospital delivers all-round and comprehensive medical care. Further, Teraoka Memorial Hospital runs as a social medical corporation for public benefit.

Our goal is 'Medical treatment for human recovery'

Everybody hopes that they will always be able to lead a life that is healthy and pleasant; but despite our intentions, sickness occurs and the very pulse of life can come under threat. Once someone has fallen into such a condition, their fundamental existence as a human being is in danger.

In the community, there are many regional medical institutions performing various functions; and each of them offers particular types of medical treatment. Also, there are institutions which provide welfare for senior citizens and for those with disabilities. It is important to achieve the equal provision of appropriate medical and welfare services ? in other words 'medical treatment for human recovery' - for each patient welfare throughout the region through adequate cooperation between regional medical and welfare institutions. Because Teraoka Memorial Hospital includes a senior citizen's care complex as a sister institution (special nursing home for the elderly 'Joytopia Oosa' and health service facility for the elderly 'Joytopia Shinichi'), a very close and organic cooperation is made possible.

Society requires medical care which understands the viewpoints of its regional citizens and patients.

Since medical care is carried out for no other reason than the benefit of the patients, this theme is absolutely correct. However, it is also true that the highest standard of medical care is achieved by the application of medical specialties and confidence in the medical team. Therefore we hope that the regional inhabitants and those receiving medical treatment understand that the quality of medical care is enhanced by the cooperation of those who give and those who receive treatment.

Good medical care throughout the region as a whole is nurtured by the cooperation between the providers of medical treatment and those who receive it.

In order for this to take place, the dissemination of readily comprehendible, appropriate information about medical institutions, and the sharing of information between those who are engaged in medical work is necessary.

In order to provide the kind of medical care to which the citizens and patients are entitled, it is vital that hospital information such as: 'what medical institutions are in which areas and which doctors work there', or 'what medical equipment is available' is provided accurately and in a form that is easily accessible. Of course it is fundamental that the protection of personal information, especially that concerning medical issues, is paid special attention.

Please make use of the hospital information that is published on the Teraoka Memorial Hospital home-page according to the philosophy outlined above.

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DirectorSho Takeda, M.D.
Sho Takeda, M.D.

A word from the hospital director

The environment in which contemporary medicine finds itself is becoming harsher year by year. Even the system providing health-care for all of the nation's citizens which forms the root of Japanese medicine is in danger. The policies labeled as 'medical reform' which have been enacted of late are all born from the viewpoint that wishes to reduce the costs of medicine and welfare as much as possible. As such, they are far removed from our ideals of medical and nursing care.

These being the times, in order to fulfill our duty as a key hospital in the region, Teraoka Memorial Hospital is making utmost efforts day and night. Things that are simple and matter of course such as being a hospital where a patient can feel free of worry at the time of sickness and where a patient can receive a checkup at any time are fundamental. However, in order to make this a reality, the tireless efforts of all the staff are vital. So that we can be a hospital truly trusted by the regional community, we intend to continue our efforts this year. It is our hope that you will increase your warm support of us as we do so.

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